Note 3 HK wallpapers. 5 Piece set



Stay tuned!

More sets to come! Today I needed a slack pass to play & learn my new phone=] keep a look out for a Monday freebie ❤


Shimmer 7 piece wallpaper set





Made of wood 7 piece wallpaper set



Neon Aztec 7 Piece wallpaper set





Sweet Aztec 7 Piece wallpaper set



Freebie! enjoy


Teal Queen Freebie


Sparkle 7 Piece wallpaper set


Polka Shimmer 7 Piece set



Bare with me!

I am brand new with using a blog to upload and sell wallpapers. My page most likely will not look as I would like it too for a while due to the fact I have no idea what I am doing! Trying to get everything set up properly.

Freebie wallpaper = )

Hello Chanel Freebie Wallpaper!

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