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Fall 26 piece wallpaper bundle




Watermelon 4 piece wallpaper set



Simple Green free wallie

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the weekend = )


LV glitter freebie

Sorry I have been MIA for a bit. Lot's going on and now with my son crawling I hardly have time to do anything lol... He's all over the place! Hope every one enjoys there week! 5 more days until I release my Fall mega wallpaper bundle! 


Confetti 6 piece wallpaper set




Let's talk about the fabulous Daphny Vos!

Huge Thank you to Daphny Vos for creating me this really cute watermark that I can now use on my wallpapers! You can get your digital creations looking extra professional and marked with your name by emailing her at daphnyvos71@gmail.com not only is she super sweet, helpful and talented but she also is FAST! And custom watermarking isn't the only thing she does, she also makes really cute instagram themes! Please do yourself a favor and follow her on instagram at DAPHNY_   I have been following her for a long time and really enjoy seeing her work, I know you will too!


VS freebie

Raspberry 6 piece wallpaper set



Glamorized freebie wall

Have a great night! xox

Stay pretty 7 piece wallpaper set





Floral Mickey Freebie

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy this cute floral mickey wall and have a great weekend! xoxo


Rainbowed freebie!

Made to match @gabbell_iphonemizzee latest theme

Zag hump day freebie

Happy hump day! Share your thoughts on this wall!


So chic 6 piece wallpaper set



Shine bright like a diamond freebie

Hope you like it! xox

September 1st

Keep a look out on September 1st for a special set I am releasing! It will be my biggest wallpaper bundle yet and I'm so excited to post! Still in the works but I wanted to share the date! Please continue to share my blog with your family and friends, I always make sure to keep my prices low as I do want everyones phone to look cute! 

              xoxo- Evie


Such a princess 8 piece wallpaper set




Saturday freebie

Have a relaxing night! xox

Paris me 6 piece wallpaper set




Hocous 6 piece wallpaper set



Lux 5 piece wallpaper set



Simply Chic 5 piece wallpaper set



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